Treasury Wine Estates to sell French wine brand in Asia

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is set to sell French wine brand Maison de Grand Esprit in Asia.

The Australian reported that TWE will start selling its three-tiers of luxury French wines in China, Japan, and southeast Asia in November.

The firm believes that its flexible sourcing model and marketing approach will offer greater accessibility of the premium wine from France to consumers in Asia.

TWE's chief executive officer (CEO) Michael Clarke said: “French wine is one of the most sought after country-of-origin wines across North Asia, as consumers see this category as a benchmark for quality.

"French wine is one of the most sought after country-of-origin wines across North Asia."

“We have created Maison de Grand Esprit as a brand built from multiple regions within the one country, but importantly, the wine is produced to a consistent quality standard, as opposed to various regional winemaking standards.

"This is similar to the approach we take for Penfolds, and in doing so we are making the French category easier to understand and more accessible to Asian consumers”.

The wines are sourced from select vineyards in France, reported

All the wines are prepared and bottled at wineries in the regions where the grapes are sourced.

TWE claimed that the launch of Maison de Grand Esprit is a major step for the firm with the addition of a French brand to its existing portfolio of wines that are sourced from diverse countries including New Zealand, the US, Australia, and Italy.