Greenbar Distillery unifies spirits lineup under new brand

US-based producer of organic spirits Greenbar Distillery has combined its seven core spirits lines under a new brand.

The distillery has designed a new label to reflect California's rich agricultural bounty. The new branding is expected to reinforce the distillery's emphasis on relaxed sophistication.

Greenbar Distillery's co-founder Melkon Khosrovian said: "We're at a turning point in craft distilling where we need to create emotional connections with customers from the moment they see our bottles and make it easy for them to choose anywhere in a store.

"Compared with when we started, the shelves are increasingly crowded and we felt that we needed to simplify our message to continue to grow."

"We felt that we needed to simplify our message to continue to grow."

IXÁ tequila's label features the mountains of Jalisco, the City Gin's layout depicts skyscrapers, and the TRU Vodka reflects diamond purity.

Greenbar's products are claimed to be produced with organic ingredients. The company launched the new packaging to help home mixologists to identify the products more easily.

The company offers a range of craft organic spirits, including TRU vodkas, city gin, crusoe rums, fruitlab liqueurs, ixá tequila, slow hand whisky, grand poppy amaro, and bar keep aromatic bitters.