Catoctin Creek Distilling Company has acquired a new 15,000ft2 facility in Virginia, which will initially be used as a warehouse.

The craft distillery produces premium spirits from organic grains in Loudoun Valley, Virginia. The new facility will support the craft distiller’s objective of doubling production by next year. 

Catoctin Creek will continue to perform distilling operations at its headquarters at 120 W. Main St., Purcellville, Virginia.

Catoctin Creek's co-owner Scott Harris said: “The new facility is a first step towards much greater expansion.”

"The new facility is a first step towards much greater expansion."

Established in 2009 by Harris and his wife Becky, the Catoctin Creek Company uses local and organic ingredients to produce several premium spirits, including its flagship Roundstone Rye.

Scott manages business operations while Becky focuses on creating fine spirits as the chief distiller.

Family owned and operated, Catoctin Creek produces premium spirits including rye whisky and gin from organic sources, and brandy.