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Canadean Global Iced Coffee Report

Iced/rtd coffee drinks encapsulate both coffee-flavoured milk shakes and concentrated coffee drinks, sometimes with no milk at all. When combined they represent the second smallest soft drinks category after energy drinks. Unlike energy drinks, iced/rtd coffee drinks volumes have begun to stagnate. The market has barely altered in the past two years and was not very dynamic prior to this period. The most impressive recorded growth was achieved in 2005 (+5%).

Whilst volumes stagnated in 2010, average per capita consumption fell and remained solidly below one litre per head. Growth for this category is hampered by its high price positioning; iced/rtd coffee drinks have the highest average price per litre of all soft drinks. In addition, in many countries there is no tradition of drinking cold coffee. Iced/rtd coffee drinks also face close competition from energy drinks in respect of the "caffeine kick" they provide.

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