3rd Annual Canadean Soft Drinks Strategies Congress 2015, 18-19 February

soft drinks strategies congress 2015

With the rate of new products arriving on shelves rapidly increasing, beverage manufacturers are under pressure to develop unique products and marketing strategies to differentiate themselves.

Retailers are becoming more selective in the products that they stock and therefore there is a need for soft drink professionals to come together and share strategies.

This years must-attend Soft Drinks Strategies Congress is due to take place on 18-19 February 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. This highly anticipated event promises to be an engaging and memorable conference, exploring the driving forces and inspiration leading change in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

A combination of compelling real world insights, highly interactive presentations and roundtable discussions presents opportunities for extensive networking with key, decision makers and allows attendees to investigate the challenges faced in industry and help find answers to key questions.

High profile speakers at this year's conference include:

  • Natalie Filippociantes, marketing director, PEPSICO
  • Jonathan Reeves, R&D director, DANONE WATERS
  • Lyndsey O'Leary, development manager, BRITVIC
  • Ross Colbert, global beverage strategist, RABOBANK INTERNATIONAL
  • Dr Andrew Mugado, co-founder and managing director, VEGESENTIALS

Key categories on the 2015 agenda include:

  • Brand strategies / marketing strategies
  • Packaging strategies
  • Product portfolio
  • Health and wellness
  • Consumer insight

As we head into the New Year, what better time to learn and apply new strategies to your processes?

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3rd Annual Canadean Soft Drinks Strategies Congress 2015